Our off-road passenger ride in the new Mercedes GLC in the mud, water and even the air...

While Audi and BMW have been cleaning up in the UK with the Q5and X3, Mercedes has been left staring at a medium-sized SUV-shaped hole in its line up. In other markets Mercedes has sold its rival - the GLK – for a number of years, but its decision not to make the costly and complicated conversion to right-hand drive has left them languishing in the UK in fastest-growing sector of the premium SUV market.

That won’t be the case for long, though, because in mid-June the all-new GLC, based on a stretched version of the new C-Class’architecture will begin rolling off the production line, with first UK deliveries in November. To get an early taster of what the GLC is capable of, we were invited to take a passenger ride around Mercedes’ off-road testing facility near Stuttgart

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